Market Beaters Re-Release Now Available

Posted by Art Collins on February 24, 2019 in Bids and Offers

The 2019 printing of Market Beaters is not an updated edition of my 2004 book. It is simply a re-printing, with one very notable addition.One night, shortly after publication, I got a phone call that damn near knocked me off my couch. It was my hero, Richard Dennis, telling me how much he enjoyed reading it. I quickly unscrambled my senses and asked if he would consider contributing to a sequel. He did, and I had three unforgettable one-on-one dinners with him as a result. The sequel book never materialized, but I did get his interview published in Stocks and Commodities magazine.Market Beaters is a collection of interviews with some of the most successful traders in the industry on the subject of mechanical trading. In re-reading it, I have marveled over how enduring the observations are, despite the world having since changed in so many ways. As a system developing fanatic, this is the kind of book I’d always seek out to broaden my horizon of research ideas. I still do. For me, as with I suspect any serious system developer, the deeper and more incisive, the better. I considered it a good sign that I had to continuously scramble to keep up with what my esteemed interview subjects were telling me. I’m the first to acknowledge Jack Schwager’s Market Wizard series as being the gold standard of the trader interview book, and I’ve clearly borrowed from the format. Strict question and answer (Q and A), straight information from the mouths of the experts themselves including Larry Williams, Tom DeMark and Louis Lukac. I’m gratified that the book has been favorably compared to Wizards. Because this is not an update, the introductory paragraphs are several years behind. For anyone curious about what these luminaries have been up to in the interim, well, that’s why God invented google search.But I did tack on one very important chapter as a bonus—the entire Stocks and Commodities Richard Dennis interview.The insights bestowed by these masters are just too good to remain unavailable. The rights have reverted to me, so we can now both benefit; me from the sales, you from these timeless truths. Thanks for your interest. Art

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